Members Benefits

The following benefits are available to all WGTF and ECGTF members:

  • Worldwide WGTF recognition- Personalized WGTF membership cards now avaialbe. Please contact Jennifer Russakis in Membership Services at 1-888-346-3290
  • Golf Teaching Pro Magazine, the international publication of the USGTF
  • USGTF / WGTF travel site
  • USGTF member liability insurance- Please contact Cathy Fonseca at 1-800-350-8005 ex. 8124 for further information.
  • American Golf Teaching Manual
  • World Golf Teachers Cup® (The event features four days of competition with teaching professionals from all WGTF member nation federations. Also, each WGTF member federation has its own Federation Championship as well as international competitions such as the World Golf Teachers Cup®, United States Golf Teachers Cup®, etc.
  • USGTF Members Board- A website geared specifically for ECGTF and WGTF members,, is now available for use. The site is yet another amenity offered by the USGTF for the benefit of its members. Categories include General Information, Member News, and Teacher Talk.