The ECGTF, is an organization established to help improve the standard of golf teaching professionals around the Eastern Caribbean, to become world class golf teaching ambassadors in their home countries as well as abroad.
Our intention is to develop the full understanding of golf instruction for our professionals, giving them the information that would enable them to become masters at their professions, which is teaching the game of golf.

We are dedicated to junior golf programs and one of our mandates is to establish a junior golf tour in the Caribbean that would allow our juniors to experience the game at a professional level, and will help to build good character in them for their future, as we know the youths are the future of our making.

The ECGTF is recognize and endorse by the WGTF and its president Mr Geoff Bryant, all our certified members in good standing are recognized internationally by other WGTF members all around the world.
The ECGTF, was founded and established by its president, Mr Peter T David, a Master level 4 golf teaching professional, Certified US GOLF CLUB MANAGER, Certified US GOLF CLUB PROFESSIONAL, IPGA Member and a St Lucian national.

Mr David has over 28 years of golf teaching experience.
Mentored by British class A PGA professional Mr Stuart Woodman in the early 80s at Cunard Hotel Latoc 9 holes golf course, Mr David has never turn back but continue to find ways of bring the game of golf to others. The ECGTF and its board members are excited about its quest, to help shape the profession of a lifetime for other golf teaching professionals and welcomes all who believe that they have what it takes to teach others to play the game of golf.